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Site Selection

Knowledge of the marketplace is a key factor in choosing the right location for an A Plus Transmission Specialists center. Over the last three decades, A Plus Transmission Specialists have developed specific parameters that are necessary in selecting locations that are a fit for both franchisor and franchisee.

 Local Population
 Median Family Income
 Number of Registered Vehicles
 Proper Sign Exposure
Access to Commercial Business

As the franchisor, A Plus Transmission Specialists will work in concert with the franchisee to comprehensively assist in finding a suitable location, and help in securing an appropriate lease. This ensures that the lease is fair, and that building style, parking, and signage are all acceptable.

Once a location has been selected, A Plus Transmission Specialists will work to make sure that the building and its facilities are properly configured so that the franchisee is in position to efficiently handle both short term and long run volume. This includes assistance in initial site selection, construction and improvements, installation of proper signage, and final grand opening make ready.

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